My mom’s cousin, Seana, who bought a camera just a week prior to my parent’s wedding (absolutely manual camera with films), offered to photograph their wedding. They made a very big mistake by accepting it just to save some money! Apparently, weddings have always been expensive, even back in the day.

Planning your wedding day

May 27, 2021

Why it is important to have wedding invites!

I am not a sociologist, nor an anthropologist for sure, but because of the nature of my career, as a wedding photographer in Chicago, I have had the chance to see different cultures and get to know their traditions and even sometimes the stories behind them. I have had the opportunity to learn about different people in the world without even leaving the town! How lucky one can be 🙂

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May 22, 2021

wedding and wedding photography in other cultures?

When I shoot a session, be it a simple family photo-shoot, an engagement session, or a wedding, I try to edit the files within a short period of time. The shorter a session be, the less post-processing it requires. For example, when I photograph a family, I tell them I will deliver the files within a week, however; I try my best to do it even earlier than I committed.

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May 16, 2021

The importance of Delivering the Wedding images to my clients Quickly!

A professional Wedding Photographer in Chicago capture every detail of the day as well as the interaction and emotion between people in an artistic way that will be treasured in the family forever. Therefore, choosing the right person/company is essential, you may want to pay extra attention when it comes to this important.

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May 11, 2021

Tips Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Chicago

Portrait photography has come a long way in the past few decades. Many of us have formal, posed family portraits in our family photo albums. I remember how diligently my mother booked our family sessions at a photography studio in our neighborhood every year the way her mother used to do.

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May 5, 2021

choose your storyteller wisely!

For 38 years, I didn’t know that I was born on International Dance Day. Interestingly, the day was officially recognized in the same year that I was born. No wonder I love to dance!

As a wedding photographer, I love the First-Dance part of the wedding day. In fact, I look forward to it. There is a lot to it. Emotions, guests’ reactions, and overall lots of interesting moments to capture.

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April 27, 2021

First dance tips for the bride and groom

I missed the time when we had to print the pictures and place them into the albums with a date and a brief description on the side. When I was a kid, in the family gatherings, seeing the old family pictures was one of the common activities that entertained us for a good amount of time.

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April 23, 2021

Turn your wedding photo into a love book