-I knew that I wanted to be an artist since I was 3, but in order to make my parents happy, I was telling people that I want to be an artist-doctor! An artist who practices medicine in her spare time! LOL 

-Classic art is my background. William-Adolphe Bouguereau is my favorite artist for he paid extra attention to details and forms. I also adore Gustave Klimt's arts because he intentionally made things more simple while having the knowledge of form, light, and color.

-I moved from San Francisco in 2016 and fell in love with Chicago.

-My ideal clients are whom my soul loves!

-I don't care whether your wedding will be in the greatest venue in the Chicagoland area or simply in your backyard, as soon as I make the connection with you, I am in :) 

-I don’t enjoy coffee but sometimes I drink it, for I am a parent and a business owner x2 (Check out Maloos Design as well).

-Why-grandma Ezat-likes-everything-in-Gold is not my question anymore as I, myself, am developing a love for Gold objects and designs.

-I am a shoe-lover but I am saving to visit Morocco.

-I am scared of snakes, and I love Illinois because it is cold and snake-free :)

-I am also afraid of death and it will be funny if one day I die from a snake’s bite in Morocco’s deserts while walking bare feet, and drinking iced coffee!!! Wait! Am I wearing any gold jewelry in this scenario? HAHA!

-I am also a good cook and saffron is the main ingredient in most of my dishes.

-I love people who have a sense of humor and can make the moment joyful.

A Few Things about me:

I have a special respect for standup comedians, for they have to be in the moment, tell a story, make people laugh (or think), be the leader of the entire audience and keep up their energy throughout the performance. There is no room for any mistake, nor guarantee whether the story they are telling would please people, but they do what they love, using words, facial expressions, and body movements to perform a story.
In other words, drawing people’s attention to a matter which they noted, and they found a necessity to share it with others.

I am not a funny girl; I wish I was. I have tried a few times, but nope! Despite my effort, not for me! (although my son laughs at my silly jokes all the time and that makes me a proud Ma)

But I love stories. I love to tell people’s stories.
I knew I could be a good storyteller, for I see details, I frame everything in my head with artistic composition; I know colors, shades, light, and reflections. I see emotions, and reactions, I know how beautiful human connection is, and nothing, not even a pandemic has the power to be an obstacle for the love people have for one another and that is worth being told.

I had no talent for being on the stage, therefore I got a camera although people cry, seeing the story I narrated for them!

My Story